The Music Method

In the western world we have become more and more focused on the importance of health. Many of us eat better, are more active, and are constantly looking for new ways to increase our well being. But at the same time, we have more day-to-day stress and consequently feel worse. 


positive effect on health

It is a scientific fact that playing a musical instrument has a positive effect on health, both for the brain and the body, as it counteracts stress. Therefore, we developed the Music Method to see if making music can improve the working environment in terms of healthier and happier employees. In other words, we wanted to find out if making music good for people’s health?

How was the experiment carried out?

The structure itself was simple; we took a regular company, and the employees were asked if they wanted to participate in an experiment on making music as part of a wellness programme. Five volunteers came forward. Instruments were purchased, music courses were organised, and practice slots were booked into calendars. Then our volunteers began to play. Obviously, it’s not possible to draw any scientific conclusions from a single experiment, but the group of volunteers experienced great personal benefits from participating in the experiment. In general they felt less stressed, had an improved group dynamic and generally felt in a better mood.